"Rocky Mountain High" Not Applicable In Virginia

For those of you planning ski trips this winter to Colorado, you may be pleased to find that possession and sale of marijuana in the Centennial State is now legal under certain circumstances (although it is still a violation of federal law). You may be less pleased to find that purchasing marijuana will involve waiting in long lines and paying upwards of $400 an ounce for the privilege of getting high legally. But, just as tourists have been going to Amsterdam for years for reasons other than the architecture, tourists will now be visiting Colorado for more than the great skiing.

Progressive thinking about marijuana policy is finding receptive audiences in a growing number of western states, and this trend will inevitably find its way east, although this could take a considerable amount of time. "Rocky Mountain High" sounds great for Colorado, but Virginia isn't there quite yet. However, those seeking a change in marijuana policy are finding a broad spectrum of support, from the usual suspects on the left to some surprising allies on the right, who for different reasons support the same pragmatic approach to this largely harmless drug.

Virginia Still Has Yet To Legalize Marijuana

But if you are not on a plane to Colorado, and find yourself in the Commonwealth of Virginia, you should know that possession of marijuana is still a serious criminal charge here under Virginia Code §18.2-250.1, and law enforcement in Hampton Roads relentlessly enforces marijuana laws. You should also know that no matter what your friends in Colorado are doing, a possession of marijuana conviction in Virginia will have life changing implications for you. The economy continues to stumble into mediocrity, meaning fewer and fewer jobs available to those who care enough to seek them. Employers facing a surplus of applicants will use seemingly irrelevant considerations such as a possession of marijuana charge as a reason to hire your competition instead of you. As long as these laws are still on the books, every charge should be fought!

The bottom line is that progress is coming, but it will not come fast enough for those who enjoy marijuana in Virginia.

Arrested for marijuana possession? Get defense from my firm.

If you or someone you know has been charged with possession of marijuana, contact our office right away. We handle every offense from speeding to murder, but few charges offer the litany of avenues for acquittal that are presented in a marijuana charge. The Commonwealth's burden is high (pardon the pun). Let us fight for you!

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