Hampton Roads Speeding Defense Lawyer

Cited for Speeding in the Hampton Roads Area?

Speeding is one of the most common traffic offenses in the nation. Virginia law has many sections covering the various types of speeding for which a driver may be cited from speeding which is considered to be reckless driving to speeding which is only 10 miles above the posted limit.

Regardless of the type of speeding ticket you are facing, simply paying your fine to the court will mean that you accept guilt for the citation. If you believe you were ticketed unfairly, you can fight the ticket in court with the help of the Law Office of Shawn M. Cline, P.C. Our founding attorney is experienced in handling all kinds of traffic tickets and offenses in and around Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. Attorney Cline routinely appears in the local courts in defense of his clients and has built a strong track record in fighting for their rights and futures.

Speeding Tickets in Hampton Roads

  • You will accrue four demerit points on your driving record if you are convicted of a speeding ticket, such as one that involves driving at 10 to 14 mph above the posted limit or 15 to 19 mph above the posted limit.
  • You will accrue three demerit points for speeding one to nine mph above posted limits.
  • Speeding 20 mph above the posted limit will result in six demerit points and may result in a criminal charge of reckless driving. In all cases, not only will you have to pay a fine but your auto insurance rates will likely be increased as a result of the accrued points.

Under most speeding traffic laws, you will be fined six or seven dollars per mile above the posted limit that you are accused of exceeding. In certain residential zones, you may face an additional $200 fine along with eight dollars per mph above the posted limit that you were clocked at. Court costs for speeding tickets will also be levied. These may be in the range of $62 for an initial charge. When you automatically pay your speeding ticket fine, you will also be required to pay a $35 fee for being tried "in absentia."

Our Firm Can Help

You may be able to reduce or eliminate your speeding ticket with the skilled help of our legal team. You can learn more about what to expect and what can be done in your defense by contacting our firm to arrange for a free case analysis. Call us today at (757) 209-2328!

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