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DUI Chemical Tests in Hampton Roads

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Chemical tests, such as Breathalyzer and blood tests form the basis of evidence in DUI cases. If you've been arrested for drunk driving, then you may be able to challenge the validity of such tests. You will need the legal representation of a qualified Virginia Beach DUI lawyer who knows what to look for when conducting an investigation into DUI forensic evidence.

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BAC Chemical Tests for DUI in Virginia

Like other states, Virginia employs an implied consent law which means that acceptance of your driver's license means that you will consent to a breath, blood, or urine test when requested to do so by law enforcement who suspect you of impaired driving. If you refuse such a test, your refusal can be used as evidence in court against you and it will also result in a one-year license suspension (on a first refusal). A second or subsequent refusal within 10 years will result in a three-year license suspension and will be treated as a misdemeanor.


The results of chemical tests can be challenged in any DUI case. Breathalyzers used in DUI cases must be calibrated and maintained correctly. Police officers administering these tests must do so according to standard and proper procedure. If any of these factors can be found to be compromised, the evidence can be shown to be invalid. Furthermore, many factors can influence Breathalyzer test results, including medical and dental issues as well as other health-related matters.

Blood Tests

Blood tests can also be administered, stored, or managed improperly which can lead to false results. Blood must be drawn by someone qualified. If it is not drawn correctly, stored properly, or if blood testing is delayed, these factors can all disqualify such evidence to be used against you in court.

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Only an attorney who is experienced in the complex issues of DUI cases will know what to look for and how to challenge improper chemical tests. Our firm has the experience and skills needed to fully address these issues in your DUI case. Contact us for a free case evaluation to learn more about how your case can be thoroughly defended today.

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