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Non-Judicial Punishment (Captain’s Mast, Article 15)

Non-Judicial punishment (NJP, also referred to as Captain's Mast or Article 15, depending upon your branch of service) is a serious event in the life of any servicemember. What many servicemembers fail to understand is that they have the option of turning down NJP and demanding that their case be heard at a court-martial.

While this is rarely advisable, servicemembers often don't realize that they also have an absolute right to accept the NJP and then present evidence to the issuing officer demonstrating why it is that they are not guilty or should not be punished. NJP is perhaps the most widely misunderstood form of discipline under the UCMJ.

What are the penalties for NJP?

Anyone facing NJP proceedings must be aware that the possible punishments are quite severe, ranging from loss of pay to restrictions and reduction in rank. The amount of punishment that one can receive varies depending on their rank and the rank of the officer initiating the NJP action. Too many servicemembers fail to grasp the severity of NJP, and for that reason fail to procure proper representation in these proceedings.

Our Former JAG Knows How To Defend Your Case!

Shawn Cline understands NJP. He knows how to defend these actions. He knows how to minimize the punishment (when punishment can’t be avoided altogether). He knows how to create a record that will allow your career to survive NJP, where otherwise it might be damaged beyond repair. Our rates for handling NJP actions are quite reasonable, and the initial consultation is free. You have nothing to lose by contacting our office. You have invested too much in your military career to allow it to be ruined by a single NJP action!