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Flying Evaluation Boards

Facing A FEB? Retain An Experienced Military Attorney To Save
Your Career.

Whatever your branch of service, military aviators are a unique and special group. Military pilots take pride in their mission in a way that few military specialties do. The government trusts these individuals with multi-million dollar airframes because they are the best of the best.

But sometimes, for any number of reasons, the military takes action to remove a military pilot from flying. This can be based on an accident, a series of deficient reports, or a failure in upgrade or initial training. When this happens, you need an aggressive attorney who is willing to fight for you to keep you flying. Whether it's Hornets or Eagles; Predators or Pavehawks, you deserve only the best representation when your career is on the line!

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Hampton Roads is full of lawyers, but you will be hard pressed to find an attorney in the area who has handled flying boards to the extent that Shawn Cline has. If you are facing an FEB, and have been appointed a JAG counsel for the hearing, ask your JAG about his experience handling these types of hearings. You deserve better.

A 1997 graduate of the United States Air Force Academy, Shawn Cline has handled Flying Evaluation Boards involving operators of fixed wing, rotary, and even unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). You do not have time to educate your lawyer on the finer points of your airframe; you need an attorney who brings the requisite skills to the fight from day one. Shawn Cline is that attorney, and is ready to fight to keep you in the cockpit!

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