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Article 138 Complaints

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It is not unusual for military members to grumble now and then about actions taken by the command. Those who have served know that the military can be a tough place to work from time to time.

But occasionally the command takes an action for which just grumbling behind closed doors is not enough. Sometimes the command takes an action that forces a servicemember to take a stand to protect their rights!

Article 138, UCMJ, states:

"Any member of the armed forces who believes himself wronged by his commanding officer, and who upon due application to that commanding officer, is refused redress, may complain to any superior commissioned officer, who shall forward the complaint to the officer exercising general court martial jurisdiction over the officer against whom it is made…"

Article 138 is a powerful weapon for a servicemember who has been wronged by their command. These complaints garner immediate high level attention and can sometimes be the only way to correct an improper action by a commander. Article 138 complaints must follow a strict procedure, and will be summarily denied when the proper procedure is not followed.

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