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Administrative Reprimands (Letters of Counseling, Letters of Reprimand)

All too often, military members fail to realize just how damaging an administrative reprimand can be to their careers. What may seem like an unimportant and isolated document often leads to lowered performance reports, loss of promotion, and loss of favorable assignments. The snowball process starts with the administrative reprimand, and once started, it can be exceedingly difficult to stop.

You didn’t sign away your rights when you joined the military. Certainly you gave up some rights by volunteering to serve, but you did not give up your right to due process. Part of that due process is the right to respond when your command takes administrative action against you. The manner in which you respond and the avenues that you pursue in fighting against these administrative actions can be the difference between keeping and losing your career.

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You deserve an attorney who understands the snowball effect of adverse administrative actions. Someone who knows how to fight back and to build a record for appeal if the action cannot be promptly undone. You have invested too much in your career to allow it to be ruined by a single event or a single unworkable relationship with your chain of command.

If you have received an administrative reprimand, you don’t have to accept that your career is ruined. There are effective ways to fight back and save what you have worked so hard for. You need the right person to show you the way.

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