Now is the Time to Restore Gun Rights

Recent events have placed the issue of gun control and gun rights in the center of public discourse. Powerful people and organizations are mounting an all out offensive to gradually chip away at your rights under the Second Amendment. They will shamelessly take advantage of tragedy as an opportunity to further their political agenda, which is the loss of our Constitutional freedoms. Along the way, thousands of Virginians have already been denied their rights under the Second Amendment based upon a felony conviction or past issues with mental health.

If you have lost your right to carry a firearm in Virginia for one of these reasons, the time to get them back is right now, while you still can! Even though Virginia remains a relatively gun-friendly state, the federal government is increasingly inserting itself into the equation, trying to gradually deny all of us the right to bear arms. The easiest place for them to start on this agenda is with felons and those with previous mental health issues. Some might view people in these categories as undeserving of gun rights. You may rest assured that at the Law Office of Shawn M. Cline, we do not see you that way, and we will fight relentlessly to insure that your rights are protected!

At this firm, we are gun owners, we are members of the NRA, and we will advocate for your right to carry firearms! Whenever we see powerful politicians on television or the internet talking about taking this fundamental right away, we get mad... and when we get mad, we take action! While one law firm can't win this fight alone, we can win our battles, one client at a time, as we restore the rights of individual Virginians to carry firearms!

If you have lost your right to carry a firearm in Virginia due to a felony conviction or due to a mental health issue, call us right away! Powerful forces are working against your gun rights. If you don't take care of this now, you may one day be denied this opportunity forever. Let us fight for your FREEDOM!

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