Will I Need an Ignition Interlock in My Vehicle If I Am Convicted of DUI?

When a client meets with our firm, one of the first questions we usually get is, "What happens if I am convicted of a DUI?" While the ultimate goal is always to prevent conviction, we also prepare our client all the foreseeable possibilities, both negative and positive. One of the negatives of DUI conviction in Virginia is the loss of driving privileges. Even on a first offense DUI you can expect to lose your operator's license for a period of twelve months. We are generally able to have the court issue our client a restricted operator's license granting limited driving privileges to and from work, house of worship, and medical care, among other approved locations. In order to take advantage of this restricted license the Virginia Code also requires at least six months of ignition interlock. Ignition interlock is an electronic device installed in a vehicle that prevents the engine from engaging without the operator first blowing into a tube to ensure that no alcohol is on their breath. For first offense DUI there is a way to get around the interlock by not driving at all during the twelve months of license suspension. After this twelve month period the client would be eligible for full license reinstatement without the ignition interlock. So there is indeed a way to avoid the ignition interlock, but unfortunately it also involves not driving for a year.

This is but one of the many collateral consequences of a DUI conviction in Virginia. The best way to avoid a DUI is to never drive after consuming alcohol. If it is, however, too late for you or a loved one and charges are pending, your next best option is an experienced lawyer who knows the highly technical aspects of DUI law from start to finish. At our firm we take the time to learn about our client’s needs and to educate them on all of their options.

If you or someone you know is charged with a serious traffic or criminal charge, an experienced trial attorney can help. Let us review the facts of your case and find ways to avoid or minimize the effects of your charge. CALL TODAY to discuss the specific facts or your case and put our talents to work for you.

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